Few things are NOT changing in the 6th-8th grade years. Voices cracking, bodies growing, acne and everything else. It is in these years that questions start to form in their minds as well. As minds develop, questions begin to form about every facet of life: God, faith, relationships and what they really believe. It is in these years that these questions are encourages to be asked. Through various modes, they will be shown that amidst all the change in their lives that there is a never-changing God whose son Jesus will walk with them every step of the way.



9:30am-10:45am - The Underground (Room 100)

Geared to give students the opportunity to dive into scripture and see for themselves that God's Word can be trusted. If God's Word can be trusted, it also must be obeyed. Students will read and wrestle with passages/topics in order to see what God has for their life.


6pm - Room 140-D - Kids of the Kingdom Choir

7pm - Room 158 -  Young Christians' Orchestra


Sunday afternoons (times vary by location)

Intended to provide students a time to gather in homes spread out in the three main areas (Chesterton, Valparaiso and Morgan Twp). House Groups are places for students to share a meal/snack, participate in group activities, have the opportunity for students to pray for other students and receive prayer from their peers. House Groups are purposefully not a Bible Study, they serve as a space for students to interact with their peers with the purpose to encourage and have a short time of prayer.

House Groups start up in October. More information to come!


6:30pm-8pm - Small Groups - The Cafe

We meet for games, snacks, friends, accountability, relationships and much more. Students are split into small groups (gender and grade specific). Lead by some of LBC's best college-age students and adults, these groups are intended to form and cultivate deep friendships that students need to weather the storm of life and celebrate the victories.